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  • امتیاز IMDB :7.0 رده سنی :G
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انیمیشن داستان بره ای شاد و سر زنده را روایت میکند که در نقطه ی دور افتاده ای زندگی میکند و یک روز یک اتفاق زندگی او را دگرگون میکند...
In the not too distant past, a lamb lives in the desert plateau just below the snow line. He is proud of how bright and shiny his coat of wool is, so much so that it makes him want to dance, which in turn makes all the other creatures around him also want to dance. His life changes when one spring day he is captured, his wool shorn, and thrown back out onto the plateau all naked and pink. But a bounding jackalope who wanders by makes the lamb look at life a little differently in seeing that there is always something exciting in life to bound about. Written by Huggo
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دانلود فیلم Boundin 2003
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